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Tools and Equipment We Use


FSARG is largely a self funding organisation. Although not averse to applying for funding for a specific purpose, e.g. a particular publication or item of equipment, we prefer to be independent as far as our research aims are concerned. Although the list of equipment used by us is long, much of it has been donated by local people or made by members. On the rare occasions when we need to use more specialised and expensive equipment, we borrow it from the Kent Archaeological Society. Training is paid for by ourselves, and is our single biggest expense. Happily, our activities are insured under the Faversham Society's overall scheme - we pay this back by organising fundraising lectures and other events.


During Excavations


Almost everything required can be found around the house, shed or garage of the group members, or easily made. It's best to bulk buy the re-sealable plastic bags.


For safety



For Earth Moving



For Excavating



For marking out the site



For Recording and Drawing



For Photography



For Comfort






For Surveying


Checking Levels



Resistivity Surveys



Field Walking



Finds Processing and Archiving



Home-Made Bits and Pieces


Chalk Board


North Indicator


Plastic Ranging Poles


Grid Square





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