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  Looking to embark on your own community archaeology project but don't know where to start? Let us tell you how we started and why. Find out what resources and skills we had at the outset, and how we have developed over the years. In this section you'll find downloadable forms to get you on your way.

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     ● Hunt The Saxons 2005-2007

Understanding Ospringe 2008-9

     ● Davington Mysteries 2010 - 2012

     ● The Lost Tower of Luddenham - 2011

     ● Preston - A Most Peculiar Parish - 2013 - 2014


     ● Easter Season. April 12th - April 27th (Thurs off)



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     Preston - A Most Peculiar Parish
     A Newly Discovered Roman Site
     ● FSARG Excavation on Meridian News

Latest Keyhole Reports:
     ● KP101 The Old Wine Vaults *NEW*
     ● K96A & K96B
     ● K97
K99 & K99A


     ● Faversham Creek Paper - December 2005

     Thoughts on the archaeology of the Upper
        Basin, Faversham Creek - November 2008

Faversham's Pottery

     Faversham's Clay Tobacco Pipes


     ● Surveying, Metal Detecting & Field Walking
     ● Excavation
     ● Post Excavation & Archiving
     ● Website Publication
     ● Training
     ● 2010 Conference
     ● Relaxing